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manage, not whine!

October 27, 2013

Only two months spent and I learned the VALUE of time and the NEED to manage it. When you are pursuing higher studies in US, your every second counts.

From distant it might sound like exaggeration but if you hold a degree from any university in America you will know that this is the ground reality. Managing time and learning how to manage it efficiently is an art, an art which universities in America teach every student inherently. If you are not keeping track of Time then you are doing a mistake.

Don’t be lazy, anyone can be lazy.

Keep doing stuff it will make you active. Learn from athletes, keep pushing yourself, keep challenging yourself. The more you do the less time you will have. Lesser the time more you will learn how to plan your schedule. More you plan the most you can take out of every second spent of your day.

Every warrior needs a WEAPON, and in order to manage time you need to pick yours. We all use smart phones, no I am not going to talk about Facebook or Twitter apps. Mostly people have this perception of smart phones that they allow you to be active on social media while you are on the go. Well, thats just a part of it. Smart phones have a lot more than that to offer. Calendar, Wunderlist, Reminder, ToDoist these are few apps which could help you tame time. I personally use Calendar and Wunderlist on my iPhone and I think just these two apps are enough to keep track of time and plan your schedule in a better way.

Lastly SKILL. You need to strategize. If time is money, then you need to learn how to save it. In order to save time you need to learn where to invest time such that your investment gets you maximum return (although in this case you wont get Time back). I know this sounds like one finance pitch, but give it a thought and you will see that its true. Everything is just taking up your time, assignments and projects, standing in queue for a cup of coffee, attending events and info-sessions, volunteering, sleeping (I believe this is utter waste of time), the list goes on and on. You need to prioritize and distribute your time judiciously. Oh I wish there was an algorithm to do so :)

So stop whining and start doing!!