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When I met you in the Summer

June 28, 2014

ā€œLiving in Seattle is like being in love with a beautiful woman who is sick all the time.ā€ - Anonymous

For me, living in Seattle is like being in love with a beautiful woman who is in love with coffee, culture, nature, parks, and lastly rain. This city has so much to offer that you need many extended vacations to experience everything. Luckily Iā€™m here for 12 weeks which gives me sufficient time to enjoy most of the Seattle.

Things turned out pretty smooth for me. I got an apartment on 8th & Pine Street (courtesy of Amazon, my employer), which is in the heart of the downtown Seattle. Places like, Pike Place Market, numerous parks (like, Victor Steinbrueck Park, Olympic Sculpture Park, Kerry Park and many more), First Starbucks Store, Seattle Waterfront (specially, Piers 62nd and 63rd), Post Alley - Gum Wall, are just a walk away.

I had never imagined to witness what I did in just first two days of my summer here. From the busy Pike Place Market to the quiet and peaceful Piers 62/63, from busy and flamboyant Pine Street to dark and quiet Post Alley, from famous First Starbucks Store to not so famous but awesome Cafe Suisse. Seattle Downtown is like a bag full of gummy bears with different flavors, you never know what flavor you are about to experience.

First off, those who think that it always rains in Seattle, thats not true, at least not in summer. I can say that from my experience. And when it rains, its not usual torrential downpour, its like light shower which will hardly wet you. Seattle gets ~ 37 inches of rain, which is way lower than Miami where it is ~ 60 inches.

When I walked down to 1st Avenue to visit Pike Place Market, I was amazed to see the liveliness and the energy in the crowd. I have experienced that kind of energy only at two places in US so far, first, Las Vegas Strip, and second, Pike Place Market. It would be criminal to compare both of them, since they both are completely different from each other. But both the places have tremendous amount of energy and offerings to attract people from around the world.

When you walk by Pike Place Market for first time, you tend to get overwhelmed. But try to slow down and assimilate as much as possible. The myriad of shops, cafes, restaurants, chowder places, Greek yogurt shops, Turkish delight, will awestruck you. So visit Pike Place with empty stomach and plenty of free time.

Like me, if you like quiet, secluded place, then you should go to Piers 62/63. You can take elevator from inside of Pike Place Market to go to Western Ave and from there another elevator to go down to Alaskan Way. Or, walk south on 1st Ave till Union St, and follow Union St towards the waterfront (there are stairs which will lead you to the Alaskan Way).

I am having time of my life here, Seattle is one the best city to live in. I will end this post here. Stay tunned for more.

Auf wiedersehen!!